Creating a Children's Picture Book is an amazing goal! We will help you achieve it.

Welcome to LiveWriteShare, Create a Children’s Book – a step-by-step, hand-holding methodology which will systematically take you through every step required.

Whilst it is tempting to suggest you just kick back and relax, it is going to be the opposite! Hopefully you will sleep well because you are exercising your inner creative; you are relaxed as we get you into a state of flow; and you are gleefully clapping your hands as you anticipate what you will have achieved in only a short three months time.

We have also included the first parts of both the manual - which breaks the instruction from the videos into workable components, and the workbook - which gives you working pages mimicking the structure of the manual.

The introduction video, in the next lecture, will give you an overview of the weeks ahead and tell you even more about the hand-holding, step-by-step process we will lead you through.

a Introduction Live Write Share Manual Create a Children's Book.pdf
a Intro Live Write Share Workbook Create a Children's Book.pdf
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